Allison Graydon, Publicity and Communications Director
English and History Major

Allison’s research interests include 19th century English literature, specifically Victorian literature, and the Gothic genre in past and modern-day culture.

Casey Coffee, Chief Copy-Editor
English Major, Feminist Studies and Professional Writing Minor

Casey is interested in homosociality and homoeroticism in Victorian literature, popular culture, and online fandom. She brings gender and sexuality studies, cultural studies, and theories of intersubjectivity and the mind to the study of literature, film, and television.

Gia Jung, Artistic Director
English Major, Labor Studies Minor

Gia’s current literary and research interests lie in science fiction, particularly how robots, androids, and other artificial intelligences are depicted and perceived. Her research looks at how these preconceptions have impacted general socio-cultural and legislative thought on current AI.

Juliet Way-Henthorne, Chief Copy-Editor
English Major, Professional Writing Minor

Juliet’s primary interests include speculative fiction as it relates to current political, environmental, and human rights catastrophes; intersectional & socialist feminism; creative writing, digital humanities & media theory; and indie horror.

Monique Bolsajian, Digital Editor
English and Global Studies Major

Monique is interested in British and Irish modernism, and fin de siècle art and literature. Her current research explores the Aesthetic Movement and its impact on modernist thought and culture, particularly in its theories regarding artistic criticism.