How to Submit

Email a version of the project/paper as a Word Document or PDF to; this version can take the form of:

– A final draft of the completed research paper or thesis
– A draft of a partially completed research paper or thesis (minimum 7 pages)

Those who submit partial drafts to the call for papers are expected to submit a completed final draft for their final submission.

NOTE: While you should include a title for the project that matches the title listed on your submission form, please omit your name from all pages of your paper or draft. Your name will not be used in association with the paper or draft during the review process.

Formatting and Editing

Final submissions should meet the following formatting and editing expectations:

– MLA Format, 12-point type, Times New Roman font, one-inch margins
– Substantial pieces of research within the humanities with a minimum page length of approximately fifteen pages, with exceptions made for strong writing
– Submissions should be sent using .doc, .docx, or .pdf format
– Writing should be well-edited and proofread for correct grammar, syntax, and spelling prior to submission. The editorial staff will work with authors to proofread and revise, but expect well-constructed pieces with minimal errors

Emergence takes issues of copyright infringement, plagiarism, and other breaches of academic integrity very seriously. Violations will not be tolerated.


Please submit all materials to on or before Friday, March 16.