Issuing Forth: The Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows and the Launch of Emergence by Julia Panko

Containing the Mother by Chip Badley

A Diminished Thing: The Changing Role of Religion in the Post-WWII Poetry of Smith, Hughes, and Larkin by Lauren Capaccio

The Threats of Sleep in The Metamorphosis by Rebecca Chenoweth

Green Thoughts: Andrew Marvel’s Garden of Enlightenment Thinking by Garrett Hazelwood

Waste Products: The Significance of the Grotesque Body and its Functions in Joyce’s Ulysses by Richard Lau

“Make Much of Me”: Sympathetic Reciprocal Consumption in Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market” and “In an Artist’s Studio” by Amanda Montague

Edna and Zarathustra: Separation and Selfhood by Robin C. Pinkman

Irish Art and Literature During The Troubles (1968-1998) by Nella Principe-Nelson

A Letter to the Government of the UC System: A Plea for Change by Veronica Smith

The Changing Role of the Woman in America by Jessy Sower

Redefining The Hero in “Ode to Fear” by Lauren Vanderhurst

Economy and Ecology” Together Forever -Nature’s Death by Finance by Geoffrey Williams