Introduction by Robert Bitsko

William Haber and George Orr: The Yin and Yang of Religious Thought by Jenna Belmonte

An Empire Drowning: British Imperialism and the Sea in Literature by Catherine Ferguson

Religious Rhetoric in US Presidential Inaugural Addresses: A Meta-analysis by Joshua Fischer

Longing and Loss: Shelleys Imaginative Expansiveness in Adonais and the Bridge to Eternity by Laryssa Galvez

Dopple-Gay-ngland: A Comparative Discussion of the Medieval Character Archetype as Literary Therapy for the Underprivileged Queer Community by Andrew Hamlin

Wasted: The American Dream Blacked Out by Kelly Nassour

Deconstructing the Dichotomy of Identity and Intent in Enders Game By Morgan Sander

Sweetness and Light: Aldous Huxley Suggests That We Read by Julia M. Toscano

Regeneration and Beneath the Veil: A Critical Self-Commentary by Renee Christopher

Maybe Band-Aids Are Not Enough: A Memoir and Remembering Why I Forgot: Using Memoirs to Approach Trauma by Jess Sherwyn

What it means to be an English major today by Elaine Chong

Double-Consciousness in Never Let Me Go by Sam Humy

Warners Counterpublics: Analyzing the Depictions of Social Media Within Contemporary Gay Literature by Robert Bitsko

A Critical Response to Vital Signs: Contemporary AIDS Fiction by Robert Bitsko

Where the Wild Things Are Rather, Where We Keep Them by Elaine Chong