Orlando: Virginia Woolf’s Biauragraphy of Desire by Chip Badley

Nabokov and his Lolita: A Chronophobiac’s Struggle to Retain Artistic Omnipotence by Maria Christina Baruxis

Harry Potter and the Closet Under the Stairs: Coming Out in the Wizarding World by Lauren Capaccio

Remediation and Video Games: Bookwork in Dragon Age: Origins by Stacey Church

Suppressed Subjectivity: Representations of Affect, Money, and Universalized Modernity In Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises by Garrett Hazelwood

A Digital Education for Students: Institutionalizing the Development of Digital Literacy by Sierra Hennings

The Green Fairy of Dublin: Absinthe in James Joyce’s Ulysses by Nishika Kumble

Burlesque Prophets to Media Messiahs: Grotesque Representations of Religion in The Violent Bear it Away and Survivor by Richard Lau

The Struggle for Authentic Experience in a State of Convalescence by Shannon McCarthy

Trauma in Mystery: American Mystery Novels through the Lens of Trauma Theory by Veronica Smith

“A Prison Gets to be a Friend”: Emily Dickinson, Agoraphobia and Introspection by Lauren Vanderhurst