Editors’ Note -“Is this the promised end?”: Reflections on the Third Year of the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program by Paul Megna

Narrative and the Unnarratable: The Role of Narrative in Wellness and Disorder by Amy Rosen

Tracing Lolita: Defining the Archetype of the Nymphet in 20th and 21st Century Literature and Culture by Edda Margeson

Judith’s Necessary Androgyny: Representations of Gender in the Old English Judith by Elizabeth Shaughnessy

The Hollowed Men: Reflections of the Sixties Consumer Society by Morgan Sander

Ulysses, Dubliners, and the Nature of Relationships in the Modern World by Justin Levenstein

The Modern Robot and the Postmodern Cyborg: The Post-Human as an Image of Anxiety by Leanna Richardson

Construction and Rhetoric: A Study of Satan in Paradise Lost by Christopher Murphy

Doubling the Nacheinander: Giving Life to James Joyce’s Ulysses by Tayler Morrissey

Exit Through the Gift Shop . . . and Buy Something! by Wyatt Daily

Untitled by Tuzuk Koul